10 autumnal addresses in Suffolk

Road sign Chestnut Road

Road sign Chestnut Road - Credit: Gregg Brown

At this time of year, there is nothing more appealing than drawing the curtains and snuggling up on the sofa with a warming drink.

Sycamore Close, Ipswich

Sycamore Close, Ipswich

Autumn has well and truly arrived - but it has been hanging around all year in these Suffolk streets - here we bring you the top 10 autumnal roads in the county. Chestnut Road in Glemsford conjures up visions of horse chestnuts - a true icon of winter.

Sycamore Close, Ipswich also has a distinctive autumnal feel.

Autumn Street names - Russet Drive in Red Lodge.

Autumn Street names - Russet Drive in Red Lodge. - Credit: Archant

Meanwhile, Russet Drive, found in Red Lodge, epitomises the richness of colour that surrounds us at this time of year.

Sticking with the ruby tones of autumn, we have Poppy Close, Ipswich, bringing a little cheer to an autumn day,

Poppy Close, Ipswich

Poppy Close, Ipswich

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Acorns and conkers are scattered across parklands and pathways from late September onwards - but how many can be found in Acorn Close, Ipswich?

One of the highlights of autumn is wrapping up against the cold and cosying in front of a warming fire. Do the residents of Cardigan Street in Ipswich pull on a wooly?

Road Signs - Acorn Close.

Road Signs - Acorn Close. - Credit: Gregg Brown

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Or how about those living in Wellington Street, in Newmarket?

Do they pull on their boots and go stomping through the fallen, crispy leaves that litter the pavements throughout the season?

Road Signs - Cardigan Street.

Road Signs - Cardigan Street. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Ipswich is home to a cluster of roads honouring famous writers, including Keats Crescent - named after author of seasonal poem To Autumn.

Harvest Festival is synonymous with autumn, often marking the very beginning of the season.

Road Signs - Wellington Street.

Road Signs - Wellington Street. - Credit: Gregg Brown

And Harvest Close, in Haughley, Suffolk is a reminder of the importance of our agricultural heritage.

But the ultimate seasonal road name has to be Autumn Close in leafy Thetford.

Keats Crescent, Ipswich

Keats Crescent, Ipswich

Or do you know a better one?

Do you live in a seasonally-sounding road?

Autumn Street names - Autumn Close in Thetford.

Autumn Street names - Autumn Close in Thetford. - Credit: Archant

See our winter road names here or see more autumn fun here

Road Signs - Harvest Close.

Road Signs - Harvest Close. - Credit: Gregg Brown

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