10 things for your child to do at their local library

Key Stage One attainment is on the rise across Suffolk primary schools, but still below the national

Key Stage One attainment is on the rise across Suffolk primary schools, but still below the national average. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY/PA WIRE - Credit: PA

Essex libraries have launched a checklist to help parents and children get the most out of their local library.

The checklist names 10 things for your child to do before they turn 10.

This follows after the under-fives checklist which was launched earlier in the year.

So here are the 10 things you need to tick off:

1. Find out where your local Library is

Firstly, find out where your local library is and what time it opens and then prepare for your first visit.

2. Join the library

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Sign your child up for a library card.

You can do this online or at your local library.

Once they have their library card they will be able to borrow a number of books.

3. Use a library computer

If your child doesn’t have access to a computer at home, why not send them to the library to use one there?

Just make sure your child takes their library card with them.

4. Take a book outdoors

Find a nice spot and enjoy a book with your child in the sun.

Take part in some exciting outdoor activities while you are there too, why not try flying a kite together?

5. Borrow an e-book or e-audiobook

Have you or your child ever experienced an e-book or e-audio?

Take a look at what options are available at your local library.

6. Come along to a library event

Find out what is happening in your local library.

From homework club, reading groups, and computer classes.

Find out what event or club your under-10 can join in with.

7. Get some homework help

If you find your child is struggling with their homework and you are unsure on how to help them, visit your local library.

With so many books on offer, friendly staff members and online resources your child won’t have to worry again.

8. Reserve a book

If your child knows of a particular book, subject or author they want to try they can use the library catalogue to reserve books from home and have them sent to any library of their choice.

They will then get a notification when they are available to collect.

Visit your local library today to find out more.

9. Borrow a recommended read from the library.

Browse through the recommended read section at your library with your child.

Perhaps it will encourage them to try something completely new.

10. Join the Summer Reading Challenge.

The last thing to do in the library before your child is 10 is to join the Summer Reading Challenge.

This will encourage your child to read over the Summer holidays.

Visit your local library for more information on the challenge ready for 2018.

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