100 drivers caught speeding every day

MORE than 100 people a day were caught speeding in Suffolk last year, the EADT can reveal.

Anthony Bond

MORE than 100 people a day were caught speeding in Suffolk last year, the EADT can reveal.

In total, 38,220 motorists were caught breaking the law by speeding in 2008 - an average of 105 every day - which would have generated a minimum of �2.3 million in fines.

This is an increase on the previous year when 33,152 drivers were caught speeding - an average of 91 per day.

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Suffolk SafeCam - a partnership of agencies including Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk County Council - said the increase between 2007 and 2008 could be due to increased enforcement.

Michelle Finnerty, of Suffolk SafeCam, said there was increased enforcement between September and December in 2008 to clamp down on driving offences, which could explain the increase since 2007.

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“Increased enforcement funds were made available which gave us more ability to take more enforcement,” she said. “That is where I see the increase coming from.”

She added: “We don't want to catch drivers out, we just want them to slow down. By slowing down they will have more time to react to potential hazards and will therefore be a safer driver. The speed limits are in place for everyone and they are there for a reason. The latest Department for Transport's television advertisement 'Live with It' highlights the need for drivers to think about the potential consequences of their actions and that is what we would urge road users in Suffolk to think about. Allow time for your journey, stick to the limit and not only will you avoid a fine and points on your licence, you'll also arrive at your destination less stressed.”

A spokesman for road safety charity Brake said speed cameras helped maintain safety on the roads. “I think speed cameras are there to enforce speed limits and to protect life, particularly on rural roads and in towns and we are in favour of them.

“We support more police on our roads so that people who do break the speed limit and law are caught and it does send clear messages out to drivers that it will not be tolerated.”

Suffolk SafeCam undertakes targeted fixed and mobile camera enforcement at specific locations and routes with a history of collisions involving killed or seriously injured casualties.

In total there are 28 sites where mobile enforcement takes place, 7 fixed cameras and 10 'red' routes - roads where enforcement takes place at any point along the routes due to the high number of accidents along the entire stretch of the route.

Weekly locations of fixed and mobile cameras can be found at www.suffolksafecam.co.uk.

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