Care home resident, Bessie, 105, received almost 300 cards from around the world

Bessie Poulson has received almost 300 cards 

Bessie Poulson has received almost 300 cards - Credit: Garrett House

Staff at a Suffolk care home have been stunned after a care home resident received almost 300 cards for her birthday. 

Bessie Poulson, a resident at Garrett House care home in Aldeburgh marked her 105th birthday this week surrounded by cards from well-wishers from all over the world. 

In a normal year Mrs Poulson, a big Elvis fan who grew up in Creeting St Mary,  would usually be surrounded be her family including her daughter and her four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Sadly, because of coronavirus restrictions that wasn't possible this year so an appeal went out in the EADT and on Radio Suffolk for members of the public to send in cards to help Mrs Poulson celebrate.


Just some of the cards received by Bessie Poulson at Garrett House

Just some of the cards received by Bessie Poulson at Garrett House - Credit: Garrett House

From New Zealand to Guernsey and all across the US and the UK Mrs Poulson has received well over 200 cards from all corners of the globe and yet more are continuing to arrive each day. 

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Staff at the home said they had been surprised by just how many people had got in touch to wish Mrs Poulson a happy birthday. 

A selection of Mrs Poulson's cards were put up on display in the home to mark her birthday. 

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Of all the cards she received for her birthday there was one that stood out. 

"It was the one from the Queen," said staff at the home. 

They said the card from Her Majesty had a particular importance for Mrs Poulson who is a royalist. 

Staff said that since the card had arrived it had barely left Mrs Poulson's side. 

Bessie Coulson is 105 this month

Bessie Coulson is 105 this month - Credit: Garrett House

On the big day itself a special lunch was prepared for Mrs Poulson and staff and residents joined in with a chorus of Happy Birthday to help her celebrate. 

Mrs Poulson also received a very special gift from one of the members of staff, a bag of oranges, one of her favourite foods. Staff said she was so pleased with her gift that she carried it around with her all day.

Oranges are one of the items that Mrs Poulson attributes her long life to along with enjoying herself and a tot of brandy whenever she fancies. 

“The only time we see Bessie go into a mild panic is when she is getting low on oranges," said staff at the home. 

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