£150,000 facelift for gym at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre, in Sudbury

The new weights area at the Kingfishere Leisure Centre

The new weights area at the Kingfishere Leisure Centre - Credit: Archant

£150,000 gym refurbishment at Kingfisher Leisure Centre, in Sudbury, aims to improve community’s health and wellbeing

The gym at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre, in Sudbury, has been given a makeover with a huge £150,000 refurbishment.

And now the complex has welcomed 600 members who have been inducted on the new equipment at the facility in the first five days it has been open and are now reaping the benefits of being active.

The centre now boasts a new 40-station state-of-the-art gym including cardiovascular, strength and functional equipment.

It features a zonal approach with the layout providing a clear distinction for different types of training. The functional area provides an area for exercises that focus on improving everyday activities and can be used for core and stretching exercises.

The strength area consists of multi-functional fixed resistance machine, Olympic weights rack, cable machine and free weights. The cardio area is for walking, running, cycling, rowoing and climbing on a range of cardiovascular machines.

The gym also includes the latest innovative training and technology options such as a S-drive treadmill and a climbmill stepper.

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Claire Turnbull, business development manager for South Suffolk Leisure (SSL), said: “We are thrilled with the result of our refit. The equipment is excellent and integrated with the latest technology to make the customers experience fun and rewarding with the aim to build a regular habit thus leading to a healthier and active lifestyle.”

Joe Harvey, health and wellbeing manager for SSL, added: “Our gym is far more versatile and offers anyone whatever your fitness ability or experience to work out to their full potential. The customers are really enjoying the new equipment which is great to see as making our centre more appealing and attractive will encourage more people to take part more often.”

The Kingfisher centre hosts over 60 classes per week ranging from holistic and invigorating pilates, yoga and body balance to strength classes and cardio workouts.

New to this year’s timetable is boogie bounce, a fun cardio workout on mini trampolines.

For a full list of classes at Kingfisher or Sudbury visit www.ssleisure.co.uk

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