1936 Morris 8: Sold eight pigs and bought a car all in the same day

Andrew Phizacklea and his 1936 Morris 8

Andrew Phizacklea and his 1936 Morris 8 - Credit: Archant

Our regular My First Car feature has brought back memories for reader Andrew Phizacklea.

He said: “My first car was a Morris 8, I bought it in Lacy Scott’s car auction for £100, the same day I sold eight pigs for £96.

“I had to find dad and borrow some money plus another £8 for fully comprehensive insurance for one year.

“I remember buying two gallons of petrol and one pint of oil each time I went to the pumps.

“The engine was very worn, I expect that is why I only kept it for 17 months.”

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He recalls that there was no such thing as an MOT in those days, so he could have kept the car going.

But added: “I reversed into the courtyard one day and the track rod fell off, luckily I was at home.

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“It smoked that much I fitted a garden hose on the crankcase breather and trailed it over the rear axle.”

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