REVEALED: The 22 most dangerous roads in Suffolk

The Copdock interchange was included in the 22 most dangerous roads in Suffolk. Picture: MIKE PAGE

The Copdock interchange was included in the 22 most dangerous roads in Suffolk. Picture: MIKE PAGE

A police report, which recorded all of the killed or seriously injured (KSI) parties in a crash, has revealed the areas of road which see the most collisions in Suffolk.

The results revealed that 13 of the most dangerous roads were in Ipswich, the only urban area to feature in the list, including Colchester Road, St Matthew's Street, Nacton Road and Woodbridge Road East.

The most dangerous road in Suffolk is on the A11 Fiveways roundabout with the A1101, London Road and Brandon Road in Barton Mills.

It was given a rank nine, three more than the next most dangerous road the A14 westbound carriage way at Copdock.

The A12 also featured on the list.

Both junction 58 between the A14 and the A12 and the junction with Foxhall Road and Newbourne Road were included.

The most dangerous list includes any area in which three or more collisions took place in the 2017/18 year.

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Each street was given a ranking, worked out by the number of incidents and the rating they were given depending on the severity of injury caused.

The more serious a collision is and the greater number of collisions at a location, the higher the collision ranking will be.

In urban areas, the ranking is calculated for the number of incidents in a 30 metre radius however, in more rural areas it is calculated in an 100 metre radius.

Other locations in the list included the A131 in Sudbury, Gipping Way in Stowmarket and the 146 in Beccles.

In 2018/19 Suffolk police recorded 298 collisions, down 51 from the previous year. Of those collisions 63% occurred in urban areas, up from 56% in 2017/18.

Cars were involved with 53% of the collision, motorbikes 19%, bicycles, 16% and horses or other vehicles 13%.

The number of cyclists injured in crashed increased by 150% with two killed and 43 seriously injured.

The cause of the collisions was also recorded in the figures.

In 46% of the crashes, a driver admitted to failing to look properly, 22.5% of drivers failed to judge their speed and 17.8% were being careless, reckless or in a hurry.

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