It is described as a "unique experience", with a 102-year-old maritime heritage icon helping to introduce youngsters to career opportunities in the offshore industry.

The Excelsior Trust - which operates the historic sailing trawler, Excelsior - is launching a new project this month.

Partnering with employers in various organisations supporting the offshore industry, Excelsior is offering 12 places on board the historic sailing ship at a nominal cost for a trip to explore the activities of wind farms and commercial ports.

The 'Harbouring Potential' project will launch from Lowestoft at the end of this month.

And helping to introduce young people to new opportunities in today’s commercial marine sector, a spokesman for the Excelsior Trust said: "Taking place at the end of September this will include a visit to a windfarm to see boats at work, a tour of a crew transfer vessel and the Port of Felixstowe to demonstrate other commercial traffic and how vast and diverse the maritime industry in our area is.

"The trip will also enable those on board to see what a range of job opportunities for people with different skill sets and education levels is out there for them."

At the end of the voyage there will be an opportunity for those taking part to meet potential employers at a recruitment day.

The spokesman added: "Whether considering working in the offshore industry or working in business related to offshore engineering or renewable energy, this sailing experience will take you to sea, it will provide you with an understanding of the basic practical skills associated with sailing.

"You will sail in ports, estuaries and coastal waters with experienced crew who will happily share their knowledge and time with you.

"At the end, you will have a lot of information to help you decide your future."

Interested organisations or individuals should book online via