An engraved umbrella that has been passed down several generations of a Suffolk family has been handed back to its owners after being lost in London. 

In July, Henry Paulley, who lives in London but grew up in the Woodbridge area, visited the Morpeth Arms pub in Westminster.

He accidentally left behind his old umbrella, which is engraved on the handle with "Dr Paulley, Eyke 263", which was handed down through generations of his family.

The umbrella was handed into the lost and found at the pub and became known as the "special umbrella" by those who worked there.

East Anglian Daily Times:

It took some detective work from Narze Blake at the Morpeth Arms, posting on Suffolk Facebook groups, to track down the family.

Mr Paulley said: “A friend of my aunt’s spotted the picture of it on the Eyke, Suffolk Facebook page and then my aunt sent a screenshot to me, asking if I knew anything about it as my dad’s umbrella is there.

East Anglian Daily Times:

“It’s now an unusual item. It’s a very old-fashioned umbrella. It has sentimental value for sure. It was my grandfather's, and then it was my dad’s, and now it’s mine.

"I share the same name as my grandfather, so when he passed away my mother eventually allowed me to have it, on the condition I didn’t lose it, which obviously didn’t go very well.

East Anglian Daily Times:

“After the Facebook post, I rung the pub and asked them about an umbrella and they recognised the umbrella I was referring to, and they told me it was amongst the lost and found.

“He told me he went outside when it was raining and collected it and thought that the umbrella was far too nice to have been left by accident.

“He started looking and trying to reach out and it all started from there, asking around Suffolk on Facebook.

“I went and collected it later that week. The staff referred to it as the special umbrella.

“It was impressive someone managed to track me down. I was stunned at the effort they put into it."