Homeowners in Framlingham were still counting the cost of the floods one week after the event.

David Owen, who lives in Albert Place, said the flood water, which was eight to ten inches high, caused about £20,000 damage to his property, with carpets needing replacing and the walls re-plastering.

He said when the flooding happened on Friday, he had to 'retreat' upstairs, while the electricity was off for a whole day. 

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The water had receded a bit by the Saturday morning.

Although his property is insured, he said: "It is the concern that next year they might not want to insure us for flood risk, which is a worry."

However, private tutor Jenny Johnson, who lives in Station Road, said she did not have insurance, but said other residents who did have left theirs to 'auto-renew,' without realising that because of changes to flood zones, they might not be covered.

Her sofa and dishwasher were damaged, as well as her study where she removed damaged wooden flooring to use as firewood to heat the house while the central heating was unavailable.

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But some items escaped undamaged from the two foot high water after being moved to an elevated position following renovations at her home.

She praised the community spirit following the flood and said some people she did not know just turned up to help out.

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"It does give you faith in humanity. People are so kind," she said.

She also said East Suffolk Council had provided skips in which to clear away damaged possessions.

"We have been lucky, we have had help from the council," she added.

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Leader of Suffolk County Council Matthew Hicks said: "It is absolutely key that all residents who suffered flood damage report the incident.

“I understand that the pressures of finding somewhere to live or work, or stripping out damaged belongings may have dominated people’s lives since Friday, but I would urge them to take the time in fill in a flood report online.

“We know that this financial support is urgently needed, and we will do everything in our power to get it out to home and business owners as soon as possible.”

Residents are being asked to report any flooding to Suffolk County Council on its website.