A man has been arrested after he was allegedly seen with a mallet on a school playing field.

Officers were called to Ditton Lodge Primary School in St John's Avenue, Newmarket, at about 1.20pm on Wednesday after reports of concerns for a man. 

He was allegedly seen wielding a mallet on the school playing field. 

According to Cambridgeshire police, he was arrested by officers at 1.35pm on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

A letter sent to parents by executive headteacher Lisa Tweed said: "I write to inform you that we had an incident after lunch when a stranger came over our fence onto the school field. 

"No one was outside at the time and all the staff and children successfully followed our evacuation plan. The stranger did leave the field and the incident has been dealt with by the police.

"The children have been told that a stranger had been on the field and that the stranger had gone and they had nothing to worry about."