A couple has been left with a damaged driveway after eight hours of "mayhem" ensued due to a trapped lorry.

The Aras Express lorry was driving down the B1077 Aspall Road in Debenham on Wednesday morning and got just beyond Hilltop Barn before arriving at a road closure put in place for overhead cable repairs. 

A sign was put up in the morning at the junction to the A1120 and B1077 stating that the road ahead was closed.

The driver tried using the driveway of Hilltop Barn to turn around, despite there being 'no turn' signs in place, and became stuck.

East Anglian Daily Times: The wheels of the lorry got stuck while turning aroundThe wheels of the lorry got stuck while turning around (Image: Jeremy and Rebecca Stone)

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Property owner Rebecca Stone said: "I came home at 12.30pm to find a lorry stuck in my driveway."

"I was unable to get up my drive so had to park in Debenham and walk home."

Mrs Stone contacted a representative of the haulage company, who said they were sending someone to help pull the lorry out. 

Two hours later, they were still waiting for help to arrive and traffic was trying to get past as the road had reopened. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Police closed the road while the lorry was stuckPolice closed the road while the lorry was stuck (Image: John Feeney-Howells)

"I was directing the traffic whilst waiting for the police as buses were coming from Debenham and cars were coming behind who all then had to reverse," said Mrs Stone. 

"It was mayhem."

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The lorry was freed at 8pm on Wednesday night and Mrs Stone could see the extent of the damage caused. 

The grass on either side of the driveway was damaged from the lorry reversing and getting the wheels stuck in the mud. 

East Anglian Daily Times: The grass was damaged by the lorryThe grass was damaged by the lorry (Image: Jeremy and Rebecca Stone)

Mrs Stone said: "We will be approaching the company for compensation to repair our drive and verges and have received no apology as of yet."

Aras Express has been contacted for a comment.