3ft-long snake found by workers at building site

A 3ft long snake was discovered by builders on a construction site in Manningtree. Picture: RSPCA

A 3ft long snake was discovered by builders on a construction site in Manningtree. Picture: RSPCA - Credit: : RSPCA

Workers at a building site in Manningtree had a surprise when they discovered a 3ft-long python curled up under plastic sheeting.

Adam Jones, an RSPCA inspector, was called to the site of a new development off Brooklands Road in the town, on Friday, July 3, after workmen found the snake.

He said: “They found the 3ft-long royal python curled up under plastic beside the boundary fencing.

“Workers have been flattening the land and started foundations for the buildings and the snake has somehow slithered onto the site and was hiding under some plastic.”

Adam believes the python has escaped from its owner’s home and had gone on the run.

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“Snakes will take the opportunity of a gap in an enclosure door or a loose-fitting lid, so we advise owners to ensure vivariums are kept secure and locked, if necessary, to prevent accidental escape,” said Adam.

He said the charity’s officers have been called to snakes who have been found in lots of unusual places including in vacuum cleaners, ovens and even in kitchen drawers.

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The RSPCA collects more snakes over the summer months, and it is possible that some of these are escapees becoming more active in warmer weather.

It is also possible that this could be due to snakes having more opportunity to escape, if owners take them outside to take advantage of the natural sunlight.

Snakes can be micro cipped and the RSPCA would recommend that owners ask their exotics vet to do this when possible, so that snakes can be easily reunited if lost and found.

The snake is now being looked after at a local rescue centre. Anyone who believes this snake may belong to them should contact the RSPCA’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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