50 pub quiz questions for you to test your knowledge

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey appears in this week's quiz, but which monarch is he associated with Picture:

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey appears in this week's quiz, but which monarch is he associated with Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Archant

Looking for Zoom pub quiz question ideas or perhaps a night in with the family? We’ve put together 50 news, sport, geography, British history and film and TV questions with plenty of Suffolk specific references for you to try.

All the answers for the quiz are at the bottom of the article.

Round 1 - News

1 Dame Vera Lynn died this week, but how old was she?

2 A family in Ipswich has been crowned Britain’s funniest by which children’s publication?

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3 Which Australian snack did the Prime Minister talk about this week in a video?

4 Name one of the teams that took part in the first Premier league game this week

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5 What was the name of the famous cat that died this week?

6 What is the name of the Red Arrows French counterparts who took part in a flypast this week?

7 Which party island said it would not be opening clubs this year?

8 Fans of which popular online game were left disappointed when a special event hit capacity a minute after opening?

9 Which foreign leader visited the UK this week?

10 Which reality series will not be returning this winter?

Round 2 - Sport

1 Where are next year’s postponed Olympics set to be held?

2 Name three countries that were due to host a Euro 2020 match

3 Which current F1 driver grew up near Sudbury?

4 A try in Rugby Union is worth 5 points, but how many is it worth in Rugby League?

5 What weight division does Anthony Joshua fight in?

6 Which big half marathon was cancelled this week?

7 Steph Houghton is the captain of which England team?

8 Whose catchphrase in tennis was ‘you cannot be serious’?

9 Name one of the three British winners of the Tour de France

10 What place did Ipswich Town finish in League One this year?

Round 3 - Geography

1 Name an American state that doesn’t have the letter “A” in its name

2 What is the capital city of Australia?

3 What is the name of the country which is enclaved by South Africa?

4 The boyband BTS are from which country?

5 What is the second largest country in the world by geographical size?

6 Which country’s capital is Tegucigalpa?

7 Where is the tallest skyscraper in the world?

8 Which city is further west St Petersburg or Moscow?

9 How many time zones are there in China?

10 Which Canadian province shares its name with two breeds of dog?

Round 4 - British History

1 Suffolk’s Thomas Wolsey had links to which former monarch?

2 In what year did Queen Elizabeth I die?

3 What war did Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale tend soldiers in?

4 what was the name of the document that ended the first World War?

5 Who got to the North Pole first Scott or Shackleton?

6 What sort of tree is the future king Charles ii alleged to have hidden in?

7 What’s the name of the only British prime minister to be murdered?

8 How long was the 100 years war?

9 In what year were women allowed to vote for the first time?

10 How many children did Queen Victoria have?

Round 5 - TV and Film

1 What is the name of the original Emmerdale family?

2 Which us movie star was alleged to briefly moved to Suffolk with his now girlfriend Jessie J?

3 What was the name of the TV detective played by David Jason?

4 In which seaside town was Fawlty Towers set?

5 Which Suffolk villages lends its name to on the main characters in the TV series Lovejoy?

6 What is the first name of James Corden’s character Smithy in Gavin and Stacey?

7 In what year did Dirty Den Watts tell Angie that he wanted a divorce on Eastenders?

8 How many Fast and Furious movies have been released to date? (No spin offs)

9 The classic film line ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’ comes from which film?

10 What was the name of the actor who played the 7th incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who?



1 103

2 Beano

3 Tim Tam

4 Aston Villa or Sheffield United

5 Bob, the street cat

6 The Patrouille Acrobatique de France or Patrouille de France

7 Ibiza

8 Fortnite

9 Emmanuel Macron

10 Love Island


1 Tokyo, Japan

2 England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Azerbajan, Hungary, Denmark

3 Alex Albon

4 Four

5 Heavyweight

6 Great North Run

7 England women’s football/ Lionesses

8 John Mcenroe

9 Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas

10 11th


1 There are 14! Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming

2 Canberra

3 Lesotho

4 South Korea

5 Canada

6 Honduras

7 United Arab Emirates

8 St Petersburg

9 Technically China covers five time zones, but the country only recognises one.

10 New Foundland and Labrador

British History

1 Henry VIII

2 1603

3 Crimean War

4 Treaty of Versailles

5 Scott (although he wasn’t the first person to reach it)

6 Oak tree

7 Spencer Percival

8 116 years

9 1918

10 Nine

Film and TV

1 The Sugdens

2 Channing Tatum

3 Inspector Frost

4 Torquay

5 Felsham shares its name with the fictional Lady Jane Felsham

6 Neil

7 1986

8 Eight so far. The ninth is set to be released next year.

9 Casablanca

10 Sylvester McCoy

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