50 more pub quiz questions to test your knowledge

The Prince of Wales celebrates his birthday this week but how old is he? Picture: CLARENCE HOUSE/ PA

The Prince of Wales celebrates his birthday this week but how old is he? Picture: CLARENCE HOUSE/ PA WIRE - Credit: PA

With another dark and cold lockdown weekend upon us why not try another quiz with your friends and family.

1) Which mass murderer died of the coronavirus this week?

2) Where is this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here being filmed?

3) When is the second lockdown in England due to end?

4) A video went viral this week of a former ballerina with dementia dancing to a ballet she once performed, what was the ballet?

5) Prince Charles celebrates his birthday this week but how old is he?

6) Name one of the final two US States to declare their election results?

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7) Which retailer revealed its long-awaited Christmas advert this week?

8) Which celebrity fitness star raised over £2million for Children in Need?

9) Which high profile Government advisor left his role at number 10 this week?

10) Which popular Stricly Come Dancing dancer has joined their judging panel this week?


1) Which driver took pole for the Turkish Grand prix this weekend?

2) Which home nation qualified for their first major men’s football tournament since 1998?

3) Where do Ipswich Town currently sit in the League one standings?

4) Which country has won more men’s six nations than any other?

5) Which tennis player destroyed his racket this week after a shock loss?

6) England Women’s rugby union team had their game broadcast on tv this week but who were they playing?

7) Which Olympic runner has joined the cast of I’m a Celebrity?

8) The England women’s football team have had their final game of the year cancelled but who were they due to play?

9) Who has more Ballon D’or wins? Messi or Ronaldo?

10) Lewis Hamilton holds the record for most F1 race wins but how many has he actually won? 82, 74 or 93?


1) Which king of England ruled first Stephen or John?

2) The earliest surviving film was made in what year?

3) In what year was the voting age lowered to 18?

4) Who was the first the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

5) Orford Castle was built by which king of England?

6) Which US states were last to join the union in 1959?

7) Which British PM served for the least amount of time?

8) Which monarch had the second longest reign, only bested by Elizabeth II?

9) Which was invented first the ballpoint pen or the diesel engine?

10) Which US president lends his name to the “teddy bear”

General knowledge

1) John Thaw played which TV detective?

2) Kathmandu is the capital of which country?

3) Which country has the most bikes per person?

4) How many lego bricks are there in the world to the nearest billion?

5) How old was the oldest person ever alleged to have been?

6) To the nearest thousand how many miles is it to the moon?

7) What’s the longest running TV show in the UK that is still running?

8) Do more people live in Los Angeles or New York?

9) What is the oldest metro system in the world?

10 What is the best selling book of all time?


1) Which artist topped the UK Top 40 on Friday?

2) Which singer became the first female solo artist to have five UK no 1 albums in five decades?

3) In what country was Cliff Richard born?

4) What is the best selling album in the UK ever?

5) Who is older Ed Sheeran or Adele?

6) Suffolk group the Darkness came 2nd in the Christmas singles chart with their song Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) but in what year?

7) Which artist had more UK number one singles? Elvis or The Beatles?

8) McFly recently released their new album but what was their number one?

9) How many bicycles did Katie Melua sing about?

10) What was Take That’s first number one in the UK charts?



1 Peter Sutcliffe

2 Wales

3 Thursday December 2

4 Swan Lake

5 72

6 Georgia or North Carolina

7 John Lewis

8 Joe Wicks

9 Dominic Cummings

10 Anton Du Beke


1 Lance Stroll

2 Scotland

3 Third

4 England

5 Denis Shapovalov

6 France

7 Sir Mo Farah

8 Norway

9 Messi

10 93


1 Stephen

2 1888

3 1969

4 Amelia Earhart

5 Henry II

6 Alaska and Hawaii

7 George Canning

8 Queen Victoria

9 Ballpoint pen

10 Theodore Roosevelt

General Knowledge

1 Inspector Morse

2 Nepal

3 Netherlands

4 400 billion

5 122

6 248,524

7 Panorama

8 New York

9 The London Underground

10 The Da Vinci Code


1 Ariana Grande

2 Kylie Minogue

3 India

4 Greatest Hits - Queen

5 Adele – She’s 32 and Ed is 29

6 2003

7 Elvis

8 5 Colours in her hair

9 9 million

10 Pray

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