Seven easy-to-follow steps for a healthier life style

Four Seasons Physique has provided us with tips and advice Picture: FOUR SEASONS PHYSIQUE

Four Seasons Physique has provided us with tips and advice Picture: FOUR SEASONS PHYSIQUE - Credit: Archant

With the New Year here many of us will have set ourselves resolutions to lose weight and get fitter - but it can difficult to know where to start. We ask the experts their tips on a healthier life style for 2019.

Don't forget to stretch! Picture: FOUR SEASON PHYSIQUE

Don't forget to stretch! Picture: FOUR SEASON PHYSIQUE - Credit: Archant

With so much information available online about what exercises we should be doing and what food we should be fuelling our bodies with it can become quite overwhelming. Especially when different sources can contradict each other.

Four Seasons Physique, an Ipswich based fitness team, have offered their expertise on the best way to start your fitness journey.

The fitness fanatics have provided seven simple steps for a healthier life style.

Increase your ‘NEAT’

Did you know tasks like making beds, cleaning floors, and using the stairs all count towards improving your health? Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) describes all the daily activity you perform which isn’t structured exercise. This type of movement is vital for keeping your organs healthy and your joints mobile, so get active at home.

Drink more water

Four Season Physique workout Picture: FOUR SEASON PHYSIQUE

Four Season Physique workout Picture: FOUR SEASON PHYSIQUE - Credit: Archant

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The team suggest you should drink three-four litres of water a day and to not wait until you’re thirsty. This then results in you having more energy, clearer skin and makes you fuller for longer.

Don’t go on a ‘fad’ diet

We are often exposed to drastic diet plans for example a ‘six week beach body diet’ or a ‘no carbohydrates’ plan.

Four Seasons Physique said: “Quick fix diet plans deprive the body of calories and nutrients and give it a huge energy deficit to deal with.

“While this might result in a quick loss on the scale, it causes an increase in the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol which can make your metabolism plummet- quite the opposite of what you intended.

“These unsustainable diets can also trigger feelings of guilt, or obsessive behaviours toward food and your body, so just don’t do it.”

Get your ‘five a day’

If your goal is to improve your diet this year something simple you can do to improve it straight away is to make sure you are receiving your five a day. Four Seasons Physique says you should make gradual changes to your meals while concentrating on loading them with nutrients. They suggest introducing leafy green vegetables, fruit, quality protein at every meal, nuts, seeds and oily fish.

Shop along the outer aisles of the supermarket

Being more tactical when you are shopping can be really beneficial. By using the overhead signs in store you can make sure you beeline to healthy items and don’t tempt yourself by walking down the biscuits and crisps isle.

Make lists and plans

It might sound dull but writing something down can make you more determined to stick to it.

Four Seasons Physique, added: “Taking time to write meal/snack plans and shopping lists means you’ll be less likely to make unhealthy impulse buys and opt for takeaways, so it saves money too. Try putting your exercise schedule into your calendar too so you’ll never fail to make time for your workouts.”

Keep to a regular sleep pattern

Lack of sleep is often overlooked but can have a profound effect on our physical and mental health, says Four Seasons Physique.

“We all have our own ‘circadian rhythm’ and it helps to keep to a regular wake-up and bed-time, even on weekends. Aim to get lots of natural sunlight into your day, but keep night time low-lit, avoiding bright screens and backlit devices before bedtime. Avoid alcohol and reduce stress with a relaxation technique such as meditation for a successful snooze.”

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