9 unusual objects left on Greater Anglia trains

Newly refurbished train from Greater Anglia. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Newly refurbished train from Greater Anglia. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Greater Anglia have revealed some of the odd items they have had left on their trains - including a front door and an expensive violin.

The following items were all found/handed in on Greater Anglia trains.

A front door

So many questions - why was a front door brought onto a train? How did it get forgotten?


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Child? Check. Bag? Check. Phone? Check. Pram? Oh dear.


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Someone’s home was abnormally quiet that evening.

Prosthetic leg

Hopefully the owner was reunited with their lost property quickly.


I imagine their heart skipped a beat when they discovered their stethoscope was still on the train.

Sleeping bags

There is nothing like making yourself at home on the train when you have a long journey ahead of you. Just make sure you remember to gather everything when you leave.

Guitar/guitar pedal

Band practice had to be cancelled that night.

Valuable painting

I wonder if Van Gogh ever left one of his masterpieces on public transport.

Expensive violin

There seems to be a theme of musical instruments left behind on Greater Anglia trains.

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