9 unusual Easter eggs

Take a look at these unusual Easter eggs. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Take a look at these unusual Easter eggs. Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: Archant

With only 11 days to go until Easter we take a look at the most unusual eggs on the high street.

Which one is your favourite? Picture: GETTY IMAGES/WAVEBREAK MEDIA

Which one is your favourite? Picture: GETTY IMAGES/WAVEBREAK MEDIA - Credit: Getty Images/Wavebreak Media

Hot Air Balloon alcohol Easter Egg



If you are looking for something a bit fancy, this Easter egg will make the cut.

It is rose gold and purple and has been crafted into the shape of a hot air ballon.

The egg has been made with milk chocolate and contains sparkling wine and gin & elderflower mini eggs.

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Pot Noodle Easter Egg



Chocolate and Pot Noodle are not two words you normally hear together but don’t fear you won’t have to eat the two together.

Instead you get a Pot Noodle mug with a milk chocolate egg sitting inside of it.

A great Easter gift for the Pot Noodle lover in your life.

Nerf Blaster Milk Chocolate Egg



With this Easter egg you also receive a Nerf Blaster which fires spongy darts out of it.

It is great for the mischievous little one in your life.

Diamond Shaped Easter Egg



Eat like royalty this Easter with this Diamond Shaped Easter Egg.

It is described by Waitrose as “a jewel in the crown of our Easter egg range.”

The egg has been hand-decorated and is made with creamy cocoa milk chocolate and has six smooth milk chocolate fleur de sel salted caramels.

Super Mario Meal Set and Egg



This Easter egg is packed with Super Mario goodies.

You get the yummy chocolate but you also get a beaker and bowl.

If you have a gamer in your life this could be a great gift.

Marmite Easter Egg



You will either love it or hate it.

Thankfully the Marmite wont be on the Easter egg, instead you get Marmite egg cups and chocolate.

JCB Digger Easter Egg



Have you ever wanted to enjoy chocolate and a JCB digger at the same time? Well, now you can.

In the box is a JCB digger toy and a chocolate egg.

This is the perfect Easter egg for the little one in your life that loves playing with toy cars and diggers.

Crayola Easter Egg



Crayons and chocolate in the same sentence, it surprisingly isn’t as odd as it sounds.

This is another egg with an extra, a Crayola mug.

Perhaps you know someone who loves to doodle or someone who just needs more mugs in their home!

Transformer Truck Easter Egg



This egg is so unusual it has already sold out but don’t fear more should be on their way.

For £4 you get a Transformer Truck to play with and an Easter egg and buttons to enjoy.

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