A case of nature vs nurture

RACHEL DUCKER of Apparition Market & Design considers whether entrepreneurs are born or made

AS HUMANS we attain many of our personal traits from those who are very close to us.

My question today, therefore, is this: is good business acumen inherited from birth or is it something that we acquire and learn as we grow up?

I believe that there are specific qualities that one has to have in order to be successful in business: qualities that cannot always be taught, certain traits such as drive, ambition and determination. In most cases you either have them or you don’t.

Despite this I also recognise that just because you don’t possess these certain behaviour patterns straight away, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be a success in the long term. It might just take a little longer, compared to the person who is a natural born achiever.

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There are specific qualities, such as focus and perseverance, which are generally learnt via our upbringing, usually from our parents, grandparents, teachers or mentors. In addition to this I also believe that there is something else which we inherit from past generations, something, which is imparted into our DNA, whether we aware of it or not. It’s called willpower or spirit.

Personally, I’ve always been lucky enough to have lots of energy, drive and determination. I was told that even in my mother’s womb I was extremely lively. As a small child my nickname was “Sparky” a name given to me by my parents, mainly because I was such a live wire and inquisitive about everything.

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This characteristic has followed me ever since and I’m usually never happy unless I’m seeking out new projects or pursuing some adventure. I do believe that it’s the driving force behind the success of my business, something that I didn’t learn from anyone.

As well as using this personal strength, I do also firmly believe in following other people who have already achieved what it is that I want accomplish.

My philosophy is simple; if you have a desire to climb a mountain, you may want to follow a similar route that someone else has already pursued. Of course, there are those people who do prefer to take the route less travelled and good on them for doing so.

I do have a list of “role models” whom I like to observe and learn from. Many are well-known celebrities such as the likes as Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson; many others are just friends and relatives, specific individuals who just inspire me to do well.

So where does good business acumen come from? There might not be a definitive answer to the question, but it could come from an eclectic combination of many different aspects, such as inherited willpower, acquired learning, or by just following people you most admire.

We all have the power to shape our own futures, so make sure you are not forgetting to use your strengths in order to shape yours.

n Apparition Marketing and Design Ltd is two years old this week. I would like to thank my family, friends and clients for their support over this time.

n What’s your view? Get in touch with Rachel Ducker via email at mail@woadb.co.uk

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