A mill, water meadows and a river

Honington walk, Chris Barker

Honington walk, Chris Barker - Credit: Archant

Chris Barker follows a route with some fascinating landmarks and points of interest

Route of the Honinton walk

Route of the Honinton walk - Credit: Archant

The walk takes in the picturesque Sapiston Mill and then on into the village also Fakenham Magna and church. It includes walking in water meadows and beside the Blackbourn river. Some of the paths can be difficult after heavy rain. As a point of interest in the Honington churchyard is the grave of Simon Cadell, who played the entertainments manager, Mr Fairbrother, in Hi-de-Hi.

Start the walk with your back to the church gate, turn left then a quick right with Bloomfield farmhouse to the left. When the road swings left carry straight on and walk to the right of a gate and join a gravel drive as it swings left. You will soon then come to a road bridge. Walk to the right of this on a footbridge over a river then re-join the gravel drive and you will be faced by a gate. Walk to the left of this having a fence to your left. The path will then swing right then right again. Go through a kissing gate to your left and walk straight on having a fence to your right.

Go through another kissing gate just to the left of a large gate then turn left on a road and you will come to a T-junction of roads, turn right walking in the village of Sapiston and then a quick left on another road signposted Coney Weston. Just after crossing a stream turn left and cross a stile and walk straight ahead on a track. When you come to a stile cross this and carry straight on to the right hand side of a meadow.

After a while you will come to another stile. Cross over and carry on with another meadow to your left. When the fence to your right swings right go with it for a very short distance then cross the meadow in front of you diagonally left. Once across, cross a stile to the right of the gate and turn left, walking on the road.

When you come to a T-junction of roads turn right, walking on a path, soon having a hedge to your left, then having Fakenham Magna church to your right. Just after passing the village sign turn left by a footpath sign walking on a track. When you come to a crossroad of tracks turn left, soon having a field to your right. When you come out onto a track carry straight on and cross the road in front of you. Carry straight on, along a path across a small meadow ,through a gate, across a road then a stile. Carry straight on across a meadow then cross a footbridge then into another meadow (cross this diagonally right). Go through a gate and immediately cross a stile to your right, do not cross the bridge. The path will then swing to the right, then to the left. Stick to this path as it becomes a track.

When the track takes you into another field turn left and almost immediately cross a stile then straight away turn right walking to the right hand side of a meadow. The path will then swing to the right and then through a gate. The track will then swing to the right and to the left. When you go out onto a road turn right and just before you come to a post box turn left down The Timbers. The road will then swing right back to your starting point.