A14: Motorcyclist fractures arm after coming off vehicle on A14

Accident on the A14

Accident on the A14

A MOTORCYCLE rider has suffered potentially life-changing injuries after he came off his vehicle on the A14 on Sunday.

Police, paramedics and the air ambulance were all called to the incident, which happened on the Kentford-bound carriageway near Bury St Edmunds, at about 3.05pm.

The carriageway had to be closed off for more than an hour while recovery was arranged and the rider was taken to hospital.

The Ipswich-bound carriageway also had to be closed to traffic for a short so the air ambulance could land.

Last night, a spokesman for Suffolk police said the rider had suffered a badly fractured arm – he added the injuries were potentially life changing.

The rider was eventually taken to hospital however it is unclear whether he was taken by land or air ambulance.

The Ipswich-bound section of the carriageway was re-opened to traffic at about 4.20pm and the other carriageway was re-opened to traffic a short time later.

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