Reaction: Business groups, haulers and readers give their reaction to A14 motorway upgrade news

Highways England have revealed their plans to have 18 miles of the A14 classified as a motorway Pict

Highways England have revealed their plans to have 18 miles of the A14 classified as a motorway Picture: JAMES WALKER - Credit: Archant

Highways England unveiled news today that they are hoping to make part of the A14 a motorway. Opponents and those in favour have been giving their views on the news.

The move will create an unbroken motorway link between London and Peterborough and will increase safety and improve journeys by encouraging local and long-distance traffic onto the most suitable routes.

Highways England is nearly half way through the £1.5bn project to improve 21 miles of the A14 between Cambridge and Huntington.

Business and community group Orwell Ahead said that it was pleased with the news but said that more needed to be done.

“Of course this is good news for one end of the A14.

“However, people are entitled to ask, why doesn’t east Suffolk ever benefit from direct improvement to our highways and infrastructure.”

Chrys Rampley from the Road Haulage Association agreed that a full upgrade for the A14 would be preferable.

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“We have been calling for the A14 to be a motorway for years. It’s a start. I would like to see the rest of it upgraded to motorway status.”

She also said that better services, which were not included in the plans would be beneficial for drivers.

Readers also gave their views on the potential change, Mikey J Pilbury agreed with Orwell Ahead: “Knew this was gonna happen a year ago only makes logical sense now all we need is a motorway linking Cambridge to Felixstowe.?

Lois Mickleburgh was concerned about other areas of the region: “All well and good this upgrade but when are they going to improve the A12 Essex stretch. It is truly appalling, especially approaching Magaretting.”

While Andy Backhouse was concerned about the price of the work: “71 odd million pounds per mile equivalent. Madness.”

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