Abandoned caravans and cars should go from Suffolk road within days

Abandoned caravans in a layby on the B1456. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Abandoned caravans in a layby on the B1456. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Two cars and two caravans that have been abandoned in two lay-bys on Freston Hill just outside Ipswich are due to be removed by scrap merchants over the next few days.

The vehicles have been sitting in the lay-bys on Freston Hill since November. They have “authorities aware” stickers on them, but because of confusion between the police and Babergh Council they had not been removed.

Now the two caravans and a car at the bottom of the hill and the abandoned car next to the night shelter bus at the top will be removed.

A Babergh spokesman said: “We would have removed them, but we understood they could be involved in a police investigation. Now we know that is not the case so we are in the process of contacting a scrap metal dealer to take them away as soon as possible.”

Their removal was not a police matter because they were not involved in an accident and were not blocking the road.

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