Abbie celebrates Christmas with top presents and mulled wine, plus a spot of sherry

Abbie Hunter in the snow

Abbie Hunter in the snow - Credit: Archant

With mulled wine and sherry coursing through my dog veins, I am still feeling very festive. (Don’t worry, not really! Well, not that my human is aware of anyway.)

Since this is the year that I have become a lady of letters, sharing my views with the dog community via this column, this Christmas has been all about me and my requirements.

I expected the finest presents and barring my human person Matt’s attempt, they were all spectacular.

Firstly I received a new bed after I ripped up an earlier one in a fit of pique.

Then came all manner of tasty treats, worth their weight in canine gold.

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I was feeling smug until Matt decided to give me his present. As you can see from the photo above, I was not best pleased.

A Santa’s hat? Who does he think I am, some sort of reindeer dog?

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For Matt’s present I decided to get him a pen, which I then chewed up. Obviously.

The food was divine, from pigs in blankets to cranberry sauce.

I know because I sneaked several samples over the course of the day.

My happiness level went even higher when I was given a walk. I couldn’t believe my luck and asked for a cross-country route to burn off the calories.

After walkies we sat down to a repeat of Her Majesty’s broadcast (I am a big fan of Her Majesty, who understands the value of us dogs) and then played some games.

I was quite good at charades but my skills weren’t quite up to pictionary. Perhaps next year.

I do hope that all local canines had as happy a day as I did, but if they didn’t then email me, via Read more from Abbie here

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