Action man James has 32 things to do

IT'S A tough job but someone has to do it.James Easter of Travel Plus Tours in Ipswich, claims to have done 18 out of the 50 things to do before you die.

IT'S A tough job but someone has to do it.

James Easter of Travel Plus Tours in Ipswich, claims to have done 18 out of the 50 things to do before you die. After 34 years of travelling James has seen the sights and experienced a lot more than many of us ever will.

Although his job involves a lot of travelling, he admits how with the job comes the pleasure.

Throughout his life he's experienced the ambition on the top of the wish list, swimming with dolphins. He's seen the land from a hot air balloon, scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef, seen the Grand Canyon from a height, trekked through a rainforest, flown over a Hawaiian volcano, seen orangutans in Borneo and seen Angel Falls in Venezuela.

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The one that stands out the most for James is the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon,

"It takes you breath away, words just can't describe it," he admitted.

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Gambling in Las Vegas was his first adventure 25 years ago. Although he had been travelling before this was the first real ambition from the list, which he completed.

"The key is to keep your stake in one pocket and your winnings in another-never touch your winnings."

James has done Route 66 from Phoenix to Los Angeles however next time he wants to do New York to LA on a Harley Davidson and eventually ride across the whole of the United States.

Another ambition on the list that James has to experience is to travel on the Trans-Siberian railways,

"I would love to do this especially in the winter!"

There are plenty of things James would like to do on the list including whale watching and seeing the tigers in the wild.

"I would love to play golf at Augusta, I really want to do that at some point."

And there's more, James has been on safari, escaped to a paradise island, ridden a motorbike and a rollercoaster, seen elephants in the wild, fished for Blue Marlin and visited Disney World.

"The only thing out of all I've seen that has been overrated was the sunset at Ayers Rock, I mean its just a rock. That really was a let down."

"Everything else is truly amazing."

Even though James has conquered a lot, his ambitions are still burning.

"People should just do it, its too easy just to sit at home and think it's beyond capability, turn your dreams into reality."

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