Adam Eckley appointed new chief fire officer for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Adam Eckley. Picture: ECFRS

Adam Eckley. Picture: ECFRS - Credit: Archant

A new chief fire officer has been appointed for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS), following the controversial sacking of the previous boss.

Adam Eckley has already been doing the job for the past three years, but it has today been announced that he will officially take on the role until his retirement in April 2018.

It comes after former chief fire officer David Johnson was dismissed by Essex Fire Authority (EFA) in April following a long saga costing the taxpayer at least £1million.

EFA has not disclosed the reason for Mr Johnson’s discharge, but previously assured it followed a “robust process in compliance with the law in relation to statutory officers”.

A statement released by the brigade today said: “Chairman of EFA, Anthony Hedley, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Eckley as chief fire officer for ECFRS.

“Adam has been undertaking the role for the past three years and during that time has led the organisation through one of the most challenging periods in its history.

“He will play a pivotal role in the transition of the governance of the fire and rescue service to the police and crime commissioner in the coming months, until his planned retirement in April 2018.”

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Mr Eckley said he was “delighted” to accept the post of chief fire officer, the highest rank in British fire service.

He added: “It has been a privilege and honour to have led the service over the last three years, and I am extremely proud of what has been achieved. In many respects, we have led the way for other fire services to follow, however our work is not finished.

“Looking ahead, I am committed to supporting a successful change in governance for the fire and rescue service in Essex.

“I plan to retire in 2018, and therefore in my discussions with the chairman of EFA we have mutually agreed a fixed term contract that will end in April 2018.

“I look forward to the police and crime commissioner taking over the governance of ECFRS on October 1 and will be working with him directly thereafter on the appointment of my successor. “

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