Affordable homes boost for west Suffolk

THE number of homeowners in West Suffolk is set to rise thanks to a multi-million pound boost to help get people on the property ladder.The Housing Corporation has announced £5.

THE number of homeowners in West Suffolk is set to rise thanks to a multi-million pound boost to help get people on the property ladder.

The Housing Corporation has announced £5.47million will be handed to the borough of St Edmundsbury over the next two years, as part of its funding for the Eastern region.

The money, which will be given to various local housing associations, will be used to build 234 affordable homes in Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, and other rural areas.

Councillor Frank Warby, portfolio holder for housing, health and crime at St Edmundsbury Borough Council, said he welcomed the allocation of funds, and hailed it a “brilliant success”.

“This funding will significantly help St Edmundsbury towards our goal of providing good quality, affordable housing for our residents in the borough,” he said.

“Providing affordable homes is vital in sustaining communities and this money will allow more people to live in the areas of their own choice.

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“This funding is a brilliant success and is a result of a lot of effective hard work on behalf of our strategic housing and planning teams which has led to St Edmundsbury receiving a good allocation - especially in comparison with some other local authorities.

“We have worked closely with registered social landlords in the borough to secure this funding and will continue to do so to make sure our affordable housing programme continues to be a success in the future.”

The funding follows successful bids by registered social landlords, who work in partnership with the council to provide affordable housing in the borough. Of the 234 homes being built, 70 are planned for Bury, 88 for Haverhill, and 76 for rural areas.

The homes will be for either rent or purchase, on a shared ownership basis, and will include the provision of some houses suitable for wheelchair users.

Borough councillor Ernie Goody, ward member for Haverhill East, said the need for affordable housing was on the increase.

“It is so hard for young people to get on the property ladder these days, and I think the more affordable housing that is built, the better,” he said.

“I don't think the demand for it in Haverhill is more than anywhere else in the borough, but there is definitely a great need for it everywhere.

“Expectations have gone up over the years and people want nice homes to live in. Haverhill is growing all the time, and although there are only 88 homes being built in the town, that will definitely help to meet some of the demand.”

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