Aldeburgh Pharmacy awarded for outstanding service

The team were thrilled to receive the Suffolk Award, presented to them by Lady Clare Howes

The team were thrilled to receive the Suffolk Award, presented to them by Lady Clare Howes - Credit: Aldeburgh Town Council

A pharmacy in Aldeburgh have been awarded The Suffolk Award recognising their outstanding service to the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The award was presented to pharmacist Sarah Barrowclough and the team at Aldeburgh Pharmacy by Lady Clare Howes, Deputy Lieutenant of Suffolk. 

Sarah has been the pharmacist in the seaside town for the past 16 years, and has worked tirelessly with her team to provide this vital service to the people of Aldeburgh and the surrounding villages.

Many residents, who are reliant upon the pharmacy to access their medication, have expressed gratitude to the team. 

The Suffolk Lieutenancy have been honouring businesses and charities, such as Aldeburgh Pharmacy, with this prestigious award, recognising their efforts to go above and beyond to serve their community through these unprecedented circumstances. 

Owner of Aldeburgh Pharmacy, Stuart Beer, says this award means a lot to the team. 

“We are really pleased to get some recognition for the hard work that we’ve been putting in through the pandemic, ever since it started,” said Stuart.  

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“We were open all the way through, we didn’t close through all the lockdowns, and our opening hours stayed the same. It has been hard, and still is, the way things are going.” 

However, the team are grateful their efforts have been acknowledged. 

“It's really nice. It's our job, so it’s what we do all the time, but it has been extremely difficult circumstances, and it’s really lovely to get some recognition for what we’ve been doing. 

“Everyone’s has had to step up in order for us all to contribute to getting people their medicines, and has worked really hard under a lot of pressure.” 

The mayor of Aldeburgh, Cllr Kevin Webster, and the town clerk, Ruth Proctor, were glad of this opportunity to formally recognise all employees at Aldeburgh Pharmacy, all of whom are greatly appreciated and valued by the people of the town. 

The mayor and the town clerk offered their sincere thanks on behalf of all residents. 

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