Watch: Aldeburgh musician and playwright Tallulah Brown talks about returning to her home town

Actress Fanta Barrie and playwright Tallulah Brown Picture: RACHEL EDGE

Actress Fanta Barrie and playwright Tallulah Brown Picture: RACHEL EDGE - Credit: RACHEL EDGE

For one musician a local festival has provided the way to showcase her talent in home town.

Songwriter and playwright Tallulah Brown from Aldeburgh is performing as part of the High Tide Festival in the town this week.

“The play has been on tour for six weeks but is now coming back to where it is based in Suffolk,” said Ms Brown.

Her play, Songlines, tells the love story of two teenagers, Stevie and Stan.

“It was looking at that emotionally complicated time of falling in love as a teenager,” said Ms Brown, “and how love songs make that sound so simple.”

Ms Brown’s band, The Trills provide the music for the play having previously supplied music for trailers for tv shows such as Outlander.

The band’s role in the play transforms the piece into a new type of performance known as gig theatre.

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Gig theatre mixes storytelling and performance in a less formal way.

“The initial idea was how could you soundtrack a play and there is this kind of new genre gig theatre.

“In a way its a very authentic representation of gig theatre because we are genuinely in a band.”

The Trills remain on stage behind the performers for the duration of the play.

Ms Brown is a little daunted by the prospect of returning to perform in her home town.

“I’m sure I am going to know a lot of people in the audience,” said Ms Brown.

“I am trying to get my head around not looking at the audience too much and not seeing my primary school teacher in the audience .”

High Tide Festival continues until September 16.

Ms Brown had previously worked at the Pumphouse, the venue for her play.

“I know everything from the fire exits to all of the logistics behind the building,” joked Ms Brown.

“It’s very special.”

“The Pumphouse is just a really cool venue,” said Fanta Barrie , who plays Stevie in the show.

“It’s really special to perform the play where its kind of set.

“I think that will be a really special experience.”

Songlines will continue at the High Tide festival until Sunday.

More information about tickets and the play can be found on the festival’s website.