Aldeburgh: Sky lanterns to be banned at this year’s carnival following fears of fire

Organisers of Aldeburgh Carnival are banning sky lanterns, although the traditional Chinese lantern

Organisers of Aldeburgh Carnival are banning sky lanterns, although the traditional Chinese lantern procession will go ahead as planned - Credit:

Sky lanterns are set to be banned for a seaside town’s annual summer celebration, with organisers concerned about the risk of fire following the recent hot weather.

The Aldeburgh Carnival committee has taken the decision after a huge blaze at a recycling plant near Birmingham is thought to have been caused by a lantern.

However they have stressed the traditional Chinese lantern procession will still go ahead – as these are held by the individuals who take part.

Keith Batt, from the carnival committee, said: “In light of the serious fire in the Midlands, regular reports of injuries to animals and the recent hot, dry weather we thought it was a reasonable request. A local householder with a thatched roof has also raised concerns.

“However, we want to make absolutely clear that the Chinese lantern procession –which has become a traditional part of the carnival - will still go ahead. Obviously these will be carried by individuals and not released into the sky. It is the untethered variety that we want to discourage.

“Admittedly, trying to police a ban isn’t easy but we hope people will take our advice on board. It seems a sensible precaution. They are very pretty but they are potentially dangerous.”

This year’s Aldeburgh Carnival will take place from August 17 to 19 – with the main procession on the Monday. The theme is “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” and Mr Batt said they were hoping the recent fine weather continues.

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“We are keeping our fingers crossed,” he said. “We are looking forward to a fantastic few days for all the family.”

Programmes giving a full rundown of planned activities and events are now available throughout the town.

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