Support for popular funfair as concerns over its future continue

Stocks funfair has been overwhelmed by the support it has received Picture: CITIZENSIDE.COM

Stocks funfair has been overwhelmed by the support it has received Picture: CITIZENSIDE.COM - Credit:

The owners of a popular Suffolk funfair have been astounded by the support they have received from the local community following concerns about its future.

The Stocks funfair is a regular feature in Aldeburgh and is held at the same time as the town's annual carnival.

Despite having taken part in the event since the 1920s, this year organisers have raised concerns that they will be unable to host the event because of increasing rent prices.

The fair claims that its rent price has increased 106% in the past year from £300 per day to £618 per day, having already seen the rent increase 25% for the previous year.

East Suffolk had previously said that the increases had come in last Spring following a review to their services.

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It said that the money was used for a number of additional services such as emptying of bins, additional street cleaners and other administration work.

William Stocks from the fair said that he had been pleased by the response from local people to their concerns.

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"The support has been incredible," said Mr Stocks.

"We cannot thank people enough.

"If they can keep sharing it, hopefully the support can continue and we can get the result we are hoping for."

East Suffolk council has rebutted claims that it has asked the organisers to pay additional fees on top of rent.

Mr Stocks had previously said that the business had been told that it had been told by staff at the council that it may also have to pay for a loss of earnings from the car park.

East Suffolk Council said that no such extra fees were being required of the company.

"The fees for events are set in our Discretionary Fees and Charges and any other charges are discussed with the organiser, such as the need for additional bins for example," said the spokesman.

"The loss of income from car parking has not been taken into consideration in setting the event's fees, nor have the organisers been asked to pay any additional fees attributed to car parking in this case."

A spokesman for Aldeburgh Carnival said that they would be discussing the funfair at its next meeting but was unable to comment at this time.

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