Aldeburgh: Why did boating pond turn blood red?

IT was an unusual sight that got visitors to a coastal resort talking over the weekend.

Most who saw it were trying to work out why the water in the boating pond at Aldeburgh had turned blood red.

The pond, next to the Moot Hall on the seafront, has taken on a striking new look in recent days.

But there is no sinister reason for the change in colour – and it’s partly to do with the ongoing sunny spell.

Lindsay Lee, clerk of Aldeburgh Town Council, said the change was caused simply by normal maintenance to the pond.

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“A natural cleaning product was used on the pond last week to clean and clear it, and keep down any floating weed.

“When it is cleaned, if it’s very sunny for the first few days, the water can take on a red colour.

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“It’s all perfectly safe and environmentally friendly – and it doesn’t stay red for long.”

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