Suffolk falls just short of hottest day of year - but it could happen on Sunday

The busy beach at Southwold in the hot weather on Thursday, June 25 Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Suffolk did not quite reach its highest temperature of the year on Saturday - Credit: Denise Bradley

Suffolk failed to reach the county's hottest day of the year today - but forecasters are predicting temperatures will break records tomorrow. 

On a day when all four UK nations recorded their warmest temperatures of the year - and Northern Ireland reached its highest temperature ever recorded - Suffolk fell just short. 

Santon Downham, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, hit 28.0C (82F) while Cavendish, near Sudbury, reached 27.9C (82F). Wattisham, near Stowmarket, recorded 26.1C (78F). 

The high temperature fell just shy of the 28.7C (83F) recorded in Santon Downham on June 16 before storms hit the region. 

But Weatherquest forecaster Dan Holley said the county could see its hottest day of the year tomorrow. 

Crowds flocked to Felixstowe to soak up the sun on Bank Holiday Monday. Picture:Sarah Lucy Brown

People in Suffolk headed to the beach in June - Credit: SARAH LUCY BROWN

"We might beat it tomorrow," he said. "I think London tomorrow will probably end up being the warmest place rather than the northern places that we're seeing today. 

"I wouldn't be surprised if London got to 32C (89F) tomorrow. For us here in Suffolk, I would imagine 28C (82F) and we just might scrape a 29C (84F). It's a degree or two on today's values basically."

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Across the UK, it was the hottest day on record in Northern Ireland with 31.2C (88F) recorded in Ballywatticock, in County Down, at 3.40pm, beating the previous highest temperature of 30.8C (87F), reached on July 12, 1983, and June, 30, 1976.

In England, 30.7C (87F) was recorded at Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire, today, surpassing the 29.7C (85F) recorded in south-west London on June 14.

The year's highest temperatures so far were also recorded in Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales, at 29C (84F), and in Threave, in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland, at 28.2C (82F).

As temperatures continue to soar, people headed to Felixstowe to enjoy the weather

The county is set to record its hottest day of the year tomorrow - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Mr Holley said it was unusual that the country's temperatures were not the result of warm air from France and Spain. 

"It's quite interesting meteorologically because it goes to show that you don't need warm air from the continent to do it because that isn't what we've had this weekend," he said. 

"Usually when we get these warm temperatures, it's because we've got southernly winds coming in from France and Spain, but they have actually been quite cool and wet, obviously all the flooding has been in the news. 

"What's actually been happening is that we've been building our own heat over the top of us. Each day it gets a few degrees higher than the previous just because the days are very long and the nights are very short. That makes it even more impressive."