Alleged brothel madam on the run

IPSWICH: An alleged madam, whose husband made �500,000 from a chain of brothels, is unlikely to face trial after going on the run.

Fugitive Yi Fang Wang was arrested after she was believed to have been found with credit cards and cash while visiting her husband Nicholas Tredgett in prison.

Wang, who is accused of controlling prostitution for gain in relation to Beijing Therapy in St Margaret’s Plain, Ipswich, was part of a confiscation order relating to Tredgett.

At one point Tredgett was also connected to a property in Handford Road, Ipswich.

Although Wang was charged along with him after their arrest in 2006, she was never convicted of the controlling prostitution and money laundering charges Tredgett admitted to.

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However, the money and cards found on her during the prison visit were in contravention of the order placed on them both under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

It is understood that Wang’s alleged connection with the brothel in St Margaret’s Plain was then traced back through one of the credit cards.

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Wang, 46, of Warmley, Bristol, was arrested in November last year. However, she is believed to have fled the country on December 13.

As part of her bail conditions she had presented herself to police on December 12.

However, the following day a passenger with the same name, date of birth and passport details was booked on an Air China flight to Beijing.

The UK has no extradition treaty with China.

Katherine Pinato, a spokeswoman for Suffolk Crown Prosecution Service said: “An arrest warrant was issued on January 14 after information that the defendant (Wang) had left the country. The defendant will now face an additional charge of failing to surrender to custody.

“However, we are unable to extradite from China. Only if she should return to this country could we proceed.”

Tredgett, of Bradley Stoke, Bristol, admitted the offences in November 2007 at Swansea Crown Court after being arrested at a brothel in Britannia Road, Swansea.

He was later linked to premises in Cardiff and Ipswich. During his asset confiscation hearing last November at the same court it was said his profit from prostitution and money laundering was �499,544.

At least �250,000 had been transferred to accounts in China.

Following a lengthy inquiry by law enforcement agencies including Suffolk Constabulary, a confiscation order to claw back Tredgett’s available assets was made for �138,987.

Tredgett was given four months to pay or face another two years imprisonment on top of the four-year jail term given to him by Swansea Crown Court after his guilty plea.

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