New 'Angel of the East' arrives on Aldeburgh beach ahead of Gormley removal

Caroline Wiseman with her retalliation art piece 'The Angel of the East'. Picture: Sarah Lucy Bro

Caroline Wiseman with her retaliation artwork, The Angel of the East - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

A new sculpture is being created from the ashes of another on a Suffolk beach

The Angel of the East is a new piece of artwork being built on Aldeburgh beach, ahead of the removal of the Sir Antony Gormley sculptures which have hit national headlines in recent weeks. 

Ian Griffiths placing a stone around 'The Angel of the East' on Aldeburgh beach. Picture: Sarah

Ian Griffiths placing a stone around 'The Angel of the East' on Aldeburgh beach. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

The Gormley sculptures have been sold to help fund restoration work at the nearby Lookout Tower, which is owned by Caroline Wiseman - who is leading the new sculpture project. 

The selling of the sculptures follows objections by Sir Antony to the installation and the artwork's interpretation on the beach.

Sir Antony Gormley poses for a photograph next to his artwork 'Look II' on West Hoe Pier in Plymouth

Sir Antony Gormley had raised objections to his sculptures being installed on the beach - Credit: PA

The artist described the installation as unauthorised and raised concerns about the display of the pieces.  

"We want to make something positive out of the whole thing," said Ms Wiseman.

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"What we can do is transform art from one thing to another."

Ms Wiseman said there had been great sadness locally when the decision was made to remove the Gormley sculptures.

Caroline Wiseman with her retalliation art piece 'The Angel of the East'. Picture: Sarah Lucy Bro

'The Angel of the East' sits among the Antony Gormley sculptures on Aldeburgh beach - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

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"We thought: 'What could we do?'" said Ms Wiseman.

The decision was made to create an "Angel of the East" to make the most of the coastal location and to celebrate the rising sun.

The original Angel, the Angel of the North in Gateshead, is perhaps Sir Antony's best-known work.

the 20 metre tall Angel of the North sculpture, designed by Antony Gormley, in Gateshead, Tyne and W

The Angel of the North stands in Gateshead - Credit: PA

At the base of the statue sits a set of sculptures similar to those which have been placed on Aldeburgh beach.

However, while the Angel of the North is 20m high and made of steel, the Angel of the East is being constructed from red sea bricks which will be placed in a perfect circle. 

The new sculpture has been placed around the existing Gormley sculptures, which are set to be removed on Wednesday. 

Venice Wat placing a stone around the 'The Angel of the East'. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Venice Way placing a stone around the 'The Angel of the East' - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Ms Wiseman and members of the Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach were among the first to put down their bricks for the sculpture. 

The idea is that visitors coming to the beach from now on will be able to add their own brick to the sculpture.

Ms Wiseman said she hoped that the new sculpture would attract visitors to the area. 

"We are going to make a beautiful sculpture that people can add to," said Ms Wiseman.

"It will be a wonderful thing for the beach."

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