Does this anti-ageing Suffolk facial really work?

The mask is on for 10 minutes

The mask is on for 10 minutes - Credit: Archant

Our reporter put LightFusion Age Defence to the test.

The Hydrogel Mask goes on first

The Hydrogel Mask goes on first - Credit: Archant

The big 4-0 is approaching, fine lines are appearing on my face and the dark circles under my eyes are getting darker and harder to conceal with makeup.

So could an anti-ageing facial help improve my appearance and give me more of a youthful glow?

I set off to Bodylines Beauty Salon on Tacket Street in Ipswich in my lunch hour to find out.

I'm met by salon owner and beauty therapist Nicola McHardy who firstly gets me to fill out a form ahead of my LightFusion Age Defence Facial.

Nicola applies the LightFusion mask

Nicola applies the LightFusion mask - Credit: Archant

Then we head upstairs to one of the treatment rooms - one of the coolest in the building she tells me, to my relief, as it's 28C outside.

There's twinkly music playing and I know it's meant to be relaxing, but I'm a bit on edge. A beauty salon is not my natural environment. And I can't help wondering what I've signed myself up for…

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Nicola leaves the room while I lay on the treatment bed and pull the thin blanket and towel over me, just leaving my head, neck and shoulders exposed.

As the treatment starts I find myself relaxing more as time goes on, through cleanses and exfoliations.

Nicola applies a mask towards the end of the treatment

Nicola applies a mask towards the end of the treatment - Credit: Archant

It's not completely relaxing on this occasion however as I spend most of the time grilling Nicola about the facial as well as beauty products.

While the facial is an hour-long, the at first a bit scary looking LightFusion LED mask is actually only on for 10 minutes.

First, Nicola applies a lovely cooling Hydrogel Mask. Then she places each of the three sections of the mask, which join together, on my cheeks and forehead.

One of the other beauty therapists in the salon takes some photos and I don't know where to look or whether to close my eyes or not.

The red light goes off after 10 minutes and Nicola takes it, and the jelly-like mask, off.

This is followed by a nice relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.

I'm still firing questions at Nicola and when asked what the one thing you should do to look after your skin is she has no hesitation. Wear a face cream with SPF every day of the year, and apply it to the neck and décolletage area too. Factor 30 is fine, she says, as long as you reapply it regularly.

Next it would be to cleanse well in the morning and evening, possibly even twice each time. You can use a daily cleanser or one that is targeted at a particular problem you have.

I fear my cleanser, which leaves a bit of an oily residue on my skin, and my cheap moisturiser without SPF, aren't up to the task.

Throughout the treatment Nicola is using Vitage products, which smell lovely. The salon also uses Medik8 and Priori products.

Nicola applies a face mask towards the end of my treatment which gradually tightens.

Once rinsed off, she applies tightening serum and a skin cream with SPF so I'm ready to face the afternoon sun.

That afternoon, surveying my face in the mirror, I notice that one line on my chin now disappears when I've stopped smiling. And the frown lines on my forehead are fainter too. The following day, I find it easier to cover my dark circles too.

But there's still plenty of work to be done. During the treatment Nicola had said that while facials do work, you need to look after your skin between treatments to ensure they have a continued effect.

Luckily Nicola has given me some samples of Medik8 cleanser and Vitage cleanser and cream with SPF in to try before I buy something to replace my ineffective cleanser and moisturiser. I may be turning 40 next year, but I'm determined not to look it!