Family 'not giving up' search for missing dog Jet, last seen 2 days ago

Jet, an 11-year-old toy poodle, has been missing in the snow for more than 22 hours. 

Jet, an 11-year-old toy poodle, has been missing in the snow for more than 22 hours. - Credit: Romea Cafasso

The owners of a missing toy poodle named Jet, who has been out in the snow for more than two days, said they are "not giving up hope" as their search to find her continues. 

Jet, an 11-year-old black toy poodle, was last seen just a minute away from her home in Ardleigh on Sunday morning.

A huge search operation has been launched by the family, friends and villagers, who have all been keeping their eyes peeled for the pooch while out on their daily walks. 

It has now been more than 50 hours since Jet was last seen in Colchester Road, near the village church, and the owners are increasingly concerned for her safety. 

Owner Romea Cafasso, who is a teacher, said: "One minute I think the worst, especially at night time, but there is still hope that we will find her. 

"The rangers have now been alerted after a possible sighting in Highwoods, Colchester, but I just don't see how she could have gone that far. She is a tiny dog.

"We are really worried about her out in the snow.

"I normally love it but I wish it would just stop as it would be much easier to look for her."

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Jet is wearing a red jacket with a tag on her collar which gives Ms Cafasso's phone number.

They have also been putting out her bed and a jumper near to where she was last seen, after being told it might help Jet find her way home.

They have searched the whole of Ardleigh, Manningtree, Dedham and Lawford and Ms Cafasso has today been putting up posters in neighbouring villages. 

Park rangers in Highwoods have been notified of the search to find her, and people are continuing to trek out in the wintry conditions. 

Ms Cafasso said Jet responds to her name and is very friendly, and she is asking people to keep an eye out for her on their daily walks. 

She said they have been "overwhelmed" by the support and the number of people who have joined their search to try and bring Jet home, praising the community spirit at this difficult time. 

If you find Jet, please get in touch with us and we will contact the Cafasso family. 

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