Assington: Police call for community to be alert for suspicious activity after weekend burglary


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Residents living in a village on the Suffolk/Essex border are asked to “be the eyes and ears” of the police as officers look to arrest a group of burglars.

A house was broken into on Dyers Lane in Assington between 11am and 3pm yesterday, with burglars stealing cash and jewellery.

Investigating Officer Pc Steven Duncan said: “We are appealing for anyone who has seen anything suspicious in the area to call us.

“We think that this burglary and others recently in the area could possibly be the work of a group of three or four individuals.

“Many people don’t think twice about a group of people hanging around a property during the daytime, but we are calling for anything that looks suspicious, odd or out of the ordinary to call us immediately on 999.

“Your call could alert us to a burglary in progress and lead to burglars being caught red handed.”

Anyone with information in connection with the Assington burglary should contact the Bury Priority Crime Team on 101.