Calls for speed reduction measures at accident black spot

Head on crash in Eriswell in October. Picture: RUSS ELLISON

Head on crash in Eriswell in October. Picture: RUSS ELLISON - Credit: Archant

A family living on the side of a rural road in West Suffolk is calling for action to be taken to help reduce the number of accidents close to their home.

Crash in Eriswell in November. Picture: SUFFOLK POLICE

Crash in Eriswell in November. Picture: SUFFOLK POLICE - Credit: Archant

In the past few months there has been a series of crashes and minor incidents along the B1112, at Eriswell, which has amounted to one incident every five weeks.

But there’s fears that something more serious could occur unless action is taken to try and reduce the speed motorists are travelling along the road which is in a 30mph speed area.

Russ and Tamara Ellison, who live on the road with their 12-year-old son Lubko, have been in touch with Suffolk Highways pleading for speed reduction measures to be introduced, and now Colin Noble, former leader of Suffolk County Council and a councillor for Row Heath, has got involved with their campaign.

Mr Ellison explained that they live on a bend which is close to a 60mph limit turning into a 30mph limit but vehicles are failing to slow down which has resulted in the crashes.

Crash in Eriswell in July. Picture: RUSS ELLISON

Crash in Eriswell in July. Picture: RUSS ELLISON - Credit: Archant

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And he is now calling for signage to be introduced.

The 48-year-old, who is renovating his house, said: “We could do with one of the smiley face signs to remind people of the speed as people approach the bend or something to remind people to slow down otherwise there’s going to be a serious accident here.

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“We are on a blind bend and cars are just whizzing past our house. Drivers think it’s a quiet road but it’s a major route into RAF Lakenheath and we appear to be having one accident every five weeks.

“The first bad accident happened on July 31 followed by another on October 25 and then November 14. It’s not going to be long before something serious happens and it’s not safe for police to set up any speed traps because of the quirk of the road.

“It just needs something to calm the traffic down before somebody gets hurt.

“This has been something that has been going on for some time to get something done at this choke point but it looks as if nobody wants to do anything.

“Our property is on a bend and it obscure the view for people coming towards us.”

Mr Ellison, who has been regulary Tweeting details of the crashes has received replies from the highways department including one which said: “The accidents are occurring due to vehicle negligence. We are unable to govern how people choose to drive their vehicles despite implementing appropriate signs.”

But Mr Noble has now said via a Tweet: “Yes, be pleased to support speed reactive signage to help remind drivers to slow down as they are in a 30mph zone.”

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