Bin changes made to 1,700 homes in Babergh and Mid Suffolk – Check where the changes have been made here

Missed bin collections across Babergh and Mid Suffolk district councils last summer. Picture: CONTRI

Missed bin collections across Babergh and Mid Suffolk district councils last summer. Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: CONTRIBUTED

A series of fresh changes have been made to bin collection days in Babergh and Mid Suffolk just six months on from the previous overhaul.

But some residents claim they have not been informed and only found out when bin lorries were down their roads.

The collection days of around 1,700 households in the two districts changed, beginning from Monday.

According to the council, it wrote to each of those homes to inform them of the changes, and a spokeswoman said that the councils' crews reported that "the vast majority of people" put their bins out to the updated timetable.

But some residents in Alpheton - whose black bins are normally emptied on Fridays - claim they were not informed, only discovering the change when they saw the refuse trucks on Monday or from neighbours.

The council website still said bin collection days in Alpheton were on Fridays, although this was updated on Monday afternoon.

Areas where some roads have changed are as follows:

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- Alpheton

- Cockfield

- Lawshall

- Sproughton

- Pinewood

- Hitcham

- Somersham

- Flowton

- Bramford

A spokeswoman said it collected around 17,000 bins per day and served around 80,000 homes, meaning the changes were only to a small portion. The council only had two complaints as of 3pm on Monday.

She said: "Last summer, we changed the bin collection days of more than 65,000 homes across Babergh and Mid Suffolk in order to improve the service, accommodating new housing growth and increasing the efficiency of our rounds.

"As part of a six monthly review following these changes, we realised there was further room for improvement for another 1,700 households.

"We have written to each of these households, advising them of the change, and our crews report that the vast majority of people have put their bins out for collection today as a result.

"We appreciate, however, that letters can go astray and understand how frustrating this can be, so if anyone was caught out by the change of day, they should contact our team via the website and we'll arrange for the crew to return. The changes will also go live on our website.

Changes to bin collection days were introduced in July last year as a result of the growth in numbers of homes, with the revamp aiming to make the routes more efficient.

However, a swathe of homes encountered problems which left them with unemptied bins during the searing heatwave.

Anyone who hasn't had their bins collected can contact the council online here.

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