Babergh election nominations

BABERGHAll out election ON May 3Alton (2): Gordon Jones (Con), Trot Ward (LD), *David Wood (LD)Berners (2): *Penny Clarke (LD), Tony Roberts (LD


All out election ON May 3

Alton (2): Gordon Jones (Con), Trot Ward (LD), *David Wood (LD)

Berners (2): *Penny Clarke (LD), Tony Roberts (LD), Richard Searle (Con)

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Boxford (1): Carey Fraulo (Con), *Bryn Hurren (LD)

Brett Vale (1): Nigel Adam (LD), *Desmond Keane (Con)

Most Read

Brook (2): Michael Fenwick (LD), *Peter Jones (Ind), *Nick Ridley (Con)

Bures St Mary: *Peter Holbrook (Con) returned unopposed

Chadacre (1): *James Long (Ind) returned unopposed

Dodnash (2): *John Hinton (Con), Richard Hudson-Smith (UKIP), Robert Hutchinson (UKIP), *Michael Miller (LD)

Glemsford & Stanstead (2): Peter Patrick (Con), *Rex Thake (LD), *Len Young (no party indicated)

Great Cornard North (2): *Tony Bavington (Lab), *Neil MacMaster (Lab), Carol Todd (Con), Humphrey Todd (Con)

Great Cornard South (2): *Peter Beer (Con), Lesley Ford-Pratt (LD), Roger McCartney (Lab), Mark Newman (Con), Cathy Press (LD), Pam White (Lab)

Hadleigh North (2): Jan Byrne (Ind), *Keith Grimsey (Lab), Roy O'Shaughnessy (UKIP), Brian Ridley (Con), Reginald Smith (UKIP), David Warner (LD), Richard Whiting (LD)

Hadleigh South (2): Peter Burgoyne (Con), *David Grutchfield (LD), Mary Munson (LD)

Holbrook (1): *David Rose (Ind) returned unopposed

Lavenham (1): *Philip Gibson (Con) returned unopposed

Leavenheath (1): *Jennie Jenkins (Con), Peter Turner (LD)

Long Melford (2): *John Brand (Ind), David Burch (Con), *Richard Kemp (Ind)

Lower Brett: Linda Redford (UKIP), *Sue Wigglesworth (Ind)

Mid Samford (2): Louise Banyard (LD), *Sue Carpendale (LD), Jo Smith (UKIP), John Smith (UKIP), *Gerald White (Con)

Nayland (1): James Carver (UKIP), Richard Cave (Con), *Christopher Hurt (LD)

North Cosford (1): *Clive Arthey (no party indicated), Taz Kavvadias (Con)

Pinewood (2): *David Busby (LD), Leonard Jackson (LD), Ian McIntyre (Con)

South Cosford (1): Patricia Cave (Con), *Brian Lazenby (LD)

Sudbury East (2): Adrian Osborne (Con), *Jack Own (Lab), Tony Platt (LD), Tim Richmond (Lab), Dean Walton (Con)

Sudbury North (2): Torsten Friedag (Lab), *Nick Irwin (Lab), Marion Press (LD), *John Sayers (Con), Ray Smith (Con), Deborah Thomas (LD)

Sudbury South (2): *Nigel Bennett (LD), *Martyn Booth (LD), Donald Martin (UKIP), Jane Martin (UKIP), Errol Newman (Con), David Thomas (Con)

Waldingfield (2): Jenny Antill (Con), Frances Bates (LD), *Colin Spence (Con), Leon Stedman (UKIP)

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