Baby George and the pursuit of love at the pizzeria

At what age do most boys start fancying women? I ask because our one-year-old grandson who has only “dada” in the way of chat-up lines, was very definitely besotted with our waitress at an Italian restaurant, last week. We had taken George to Linton Zoo where he was unimpressed with the big cats but expressed delight when a mallard duck waddled past. To cap a lovely day, we went to an Italian eaterie in Saffron Walden.

As the very attractive, dark-haired young waitress passed by his high chair she stroked his cheek and uttered a few accented words of endearment. George was totally smitten and for the rest of the evening his head whipped from left to right and back again to keep her in view, giving her a winning smile. To be honest he’s going to need a few lessons in how to pull because just being cute probably isn’t enough. Staring longingly at a young woman with your nose running, your face encrusted with tomato and mushroom topping, and a large piece of crispy pizza base sticking out of your mouth is not a good look.