Baby raises alarm after mum collapses

AN 11-MONTH-OLD girl answered the phone and raised the alarm when her sick mum collapsed unconscious.

AN 11-MONTH-OLD girl answered the phone and raised the alarm when her sick mum collapsed unconscious.

Elizabeth Boyle, 20, woke up astonished to find police and ambulance crews at her door after she blacked out on her hallway floor.

She discovered her baby daughter Amelia had answered her mobile phone, alerting her grandmother Linda Wight that something was badly wrong.

The clever baby, known as Millie, managed to slide open her mum's phone and burble her favourite phrase “who's that” and call 'mama' down the line.

Mrs Wight knew Millie was not allowed to play with the mobile and immediately realised her daughter was in danger so dialled 999, sending emergency services rushing to their home in Braintree.

Miss Boyle, a full-time mum, said: “I was at home and I had called my mum earlier that day - my daily phone call to say I'm okay. But I got through to her colleague and left a message.

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“So I went upstairs to get Millie some clothes. I came downstairs again and I was going to get her dressed up as normal.

“She was crawling around playing with some toys when I suddenly fainted between the hallway and the living room, blocking the stairway.

“My mum phoned me back on the home phone and when she didn't get through, she tried on the mobile, then the home phone again.

“After she called a few more times, Millie picked up the mobile and said her favourite phrase at the moment 'who's that' and 'mama'.

“Apparently she was talking to her for about eight minutes.

“She was getting worried and got her colleague to ring the home phone at the same time. When she heard it ringing in the background she knew I was indoors and she began to panic. She rang the ambulance.”

When Miss Boyle regained consciousness, she heard people banging on the door of her home and calling through her letterbox saying they were the police.

Still disorientated, she became confused and told them she had not called them so the officers broke down the door to get in and help.

A few minutes later three paramedics arrived and examined her. Luckily she did not need hospital treatment.

Miss Boyle said she began fainting and fitting 18 months ago while pregnant with Millie so her mum immediately became worried when the toddler answered the phone.

Despite tests, doctors have as yet been unable to work out why she keeps blacking out.

The proud mum said: “I am so lucky to have Millie. It could have been a lot worse - I could have hit my head and been injured.

“Millie does not seem to be fazed by it. She must have watched me open the phone - she is not usually allowed to play with it because she tends to stick it in her mouth.

“She is a very clever little girl. I was proud of her anyway but now she is even more special.”

Miss Boyle's mum added: “If Millie hadn't answered the phone, I wouldn't have known what had happened.”

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