Bacton: Meeting called to get A14 signs for village

Signs are being called for to direct traffic off the A14 to Bacton

Signs are being called for to direct traffic off the A14 to Bacton - Credit:

Campaigners who have been battling for years to get signs on the A14 for a Suffolk village are expecting to get results next week.

The meeting has been tabled by MP David Ruffley who has claimed dozens of businesses in Bacton could be affected as there are no signs telling drivers of the direct route to the village.

Bacton parish councillor Philip Jeffries said he had been trying to resolve the situation ever since the £32million improvements to the Haughley bends were completed.

He said: “When the work was done to the Haughley bends the signs to Bacton were removed.

“We have been trying to get signs back for traffic going eastbound. There’s no signs at junction 49 eastbound from Bury. Drivers get lost and have to go up the A1120 which is 11 miles further.

“It’s fair to say for haulage that’s the designated route. But for cars and people looking for local organisations and businesses they get hopelessly lost.”

He said Suffolk County Council had agreed there was a need to reinstate the signs but there was still no decision on who will pay for them.

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Suffolk County Council’s Graham Newman, cabinet member for roads and transport, said: “The county council’s highways team have been working with the parish council and the Highways Agency to arrange for signs to be accommodated on the A14 for Bacton.

“We are currently looking into the costs involved with these improvement works and deciding how any costs will be managed.”

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