Bacton Middle School to hold farewell fireworks display before demolition

Bacton Middle School near Stowmarket Suffolk is holding a farewell fireworks event one week before bonfire night

Bacton Middle School is holding a farewell fireworks display on October 29 - Credit: Mark Langford/Phil Morley

A former middle school near Stowmarket is set to hold its final fireworks display before being demolished. 

Bacton Middle School, which closed its doors for the last time in 2015, will hold the bonfire night celebration before bulldozers move in.

The display will take place on Friday, October 29 on the school playing field, and include a licensed bar, hot food and a children's fun fair. 

Gareth Mutimer, a former pupil and one of the organisers, said: "This coming Friday a final farewell firework display is planned to take place at the former middle school in Bacton.

"Over the years, the school has been the venue of the village firework display until it was closed back in 2015. 

"The organisers of the village display have been granted special permission to hold one last firework display within the grounds off Wyverstone Road before demolition soon begins and the former school and grounds are redeveloped.

"The school has played a big part of many peoples lives and will be greatly missed by many. The organisers are currently seeking out a new venue for future events."

Last year former students and staff petitioned to tour the abandoned building, but no access to the school buildings is possible at the fireworks display.

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Prior to 2015, a campaign to save the school from closure as part of the county's move to a two tier education system was unsuccessful despite strong local support. 

Bacton Middle School in Suffolk is holding a fireworks display on friday 29 october

Advance tickets for the display are available from Bacton Post Office - Credit: The Final Farewell Firework Display Bacton Middle School

Advanced tickets for the farewell display are available from Bacton Post Office and Bacton Under Fives.

Adult tickets are £6, children are £5 and under 5's are free. Proceeds will be going to local charities. 

Organisers have advised that no parking will be available on site, and that people should "park sensibly in Bacton or Wyverstone and walk to the the event."

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