Badges to sort women from ladyboys

SOME of the most beautiful but sexually confusing performers in the world will be coming to the region at the end of the month.

SOME of the most beautiful but sexually confusing performers in the world will be coming to the region at the end of the month.

And the appearance of the All Male Thai cabaret show - the Lady Boys of Bangkok - at the Hippodorme Circus in Great Yarmouth has already caused a storm.

Female staff at the Hippodrome are so concerned that their natural feminine wiles may be confused with the 16 female impersonators they have threatened to walk out.

The handful of women employees had demanded that they should be allowed to wear “I am not a lady boy” T-shirts to prove to showgoers that they are all woman.

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Hippodrome owner Peter Jay has now caved in to the gender identification rebellion and has allowed his staff to wear badges pointing out they are not part of the show and are 100 pc female.

Ruth Patterson, 30, and who has worked at the Hippodrome for five years, said: “The Lady Boys maybe very, very attractive but I don't want people to confuse me for one of them.

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“I certainly don't want people in Yarmouth asking me if I'm a Lady Boy - although I am jealous of their fabulous figures.”

Ms Patterson organised the walk out threat after she heard that when the show opened in Brighton a number of women staff were allegedly asked if they were real women.

She added: “Because it is a cabaret being performed in a real party atmosphere, some people just get carried away with the whole thing.”

With its tag line of “You'll never look at the opposite sex the same way again”, the Lady Boys of Bangkok cabaret is coming to the Hippodrome on May 27 and 28.

With its blend of fun and music the show glides from disco floor to the Broadway musical stage and features tributes to Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue.

Mr Jay said there had never been an incident of his staff demanding to wear T-shirts or uniforms pointing out people's sexes in the circus building's 106 year history.

He said: “You could say it has been a storm in a D cup but it has all blown over now. Maybe my girls can share make-up tips with the Lady Boys before or after the shows.”

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