Bamber is a “bloody murderer” says angry cousin

THE COUSIN of mass killer Jeremy Bamber has reacted angrily to claims new evidence could lead to his release from prison.

David Boutflour told the EADT Bamber was a “bloody murderer” after documents were uncovered which the 50-year-old hopes will overturn his conviction for murdering five of his family.

Bamber was convicted in 1986 of shooting dead his adoptive parents Nevill and June, his adopted sister, Sheila Caffell, and her six-year-old twins Daniel and Nicholas at their farmhouse in Tolleshunt D’Arcy.

Bamber claims his sister, a model known as “Bambi”, shot her family before turning the gun on herself.

The new evidence is a police log which shows Nevill Bamber phoned to say his daughter had “gone beserk”.

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It could prove crucial as the jury which convicted Bamber on a majority verdict of 10-2 at Chelmsford Crown Court was told Bamber “invented” the claim of the call to police made by his father.

But Mr Boutflour said: “If Nevill had phoned police and the phone was off the hook – how could Jeremy have then had a call from his father?

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“And who in those circumstances would then take the time to phone their local police station and not dial 999.

“He was driving at about 10mph to the house and the police went rushing past him – that does not seem to me to be like somebody in a hurry to get there.”

Mr Boutflour, a farmer from Wix, added: “Anybody who gives him a new appeal - well I would seriously question their sanity.

“I find all this quite extraordinary, people forget the gravity of the crime and talk about it as if he went and had a cup of tea or punched somebody in the face.

“Two innocent children were shot in their beds. Wake up, this guy is a bloody murderer.

“He killed five people and why is anybody giving him any credibility?

“It is messing about with stupid technicalities and an appeal would be a waste of public time and money.”

Mr Boutflour revealed he had just read his father’s, will which he expressly declared that no part of his estate should pass to Bamber.

The new evidence, discovered by Bamber in thousands of documents released by Essex Police, was time at 3.26am on the day of the massacre - August 7, 1985.

Titled “Daughter gone berserk”, it says: “Mr Bamber...White House Farm...daughter Sheila Bamber aged 26 years has got hold of one of my guns.”

The memo is similar to another police phone log timed 10 minutes later which details a call that Bamber himself made to police from his home in Goldhanger, three and a half miles from White House Farm.

In that he tells of a call from his father saying that Sheila had gone crazy with a gun.

A message on his website last month said the Criminal Cases Review Commission was “reviewing a wealth of new evidence which must surely see Jeremy’s case being referred back to the Court of Appeal”.

Last year he lost a Court of Appeal challenge against the order that he must die behind bars.

He has twice lost appeals against conviction.

Essex Police said: “This matter is currently being considered by the Criminal Cases Review Commission and it would be inappropriate for Essex Police to comment at this stage.”

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