Has more of Banksy's artwork been spotted on the coast?

Has more of Banksy's artwork been spotted in East Anglia?

Has more of Banksy's artwork been spotted in East Anglia? - Credit: Zoe Double

More street art which is believed to be the work of controversial artist Banksy has been reported - this time in Harwich. 

The artwork, which shows a young boy holding a fishing rod, has been spotted in the coastal town by the seafront. 

Tendring Borough Council has said it will be taking appropriate measures to protect the artwork, which has not yet been confirmed as Banksy's. 

Security has been put in place to protect the artwork, after one of his creations was defaced in Lowestoft earlier this week. 

Although this is not the first time the world famous artist has left his mark behind in Tendring. 

In 2014 Banksy painted a mural, which was believed to be worth around £400,000 at the time, on Clacton seafront

This Banksy artwork has been removed from Clacton seafront

The artwork removed from Clacton seafront - Credit: PA

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Tendring Borough Council though received huge backlash after it decided to have the picture painted over after complaints from some residents that the painting was inappropriate, offensive and racist. 

The picture depicted a group of pigeons holding anti-immigration placards saying “Go back to Africa”, “Migrants Not Welcome” and “Keep off our worms”, while a beautiful African swallow looked on.

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The council said it did not know the piece was by the famous artist, and invited Banksy to return and paint another mural.

There have been reports from a number of places in the region of new street artwork after Banksy confirmed that the artwork seen in Lowestoft was created by him when he visited the area on a "spraycation".

Four pieces those were discovered in Lowestoft, including a boy making a sand castle in Regent Road, a seagull swooping on a skip in Denmark Road – and a group of children in a boat with the caption "we are all in the same boat" in Nicholas Everitt Park.

Another potential Banksy has appeared in the mid Suffolk village of Rickinghall, near Diss

Another potential Banksy has appeared in the mid Suffolk village of Rickinghall, near Diss - Credit: @MaskedAMHP

The fourth piece, on North Beach, depicts a rat drinking a cocktail.

In a response from East Suffolk Council, after Banksy was confirmed as the artist, they called it "incredible news". 

Further work has been discovered in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Cromer and King's Lynn.

The latest report is of a picture at the Rickinghall Art Exhibition at St Mary's Church in the north Suffolk village. It features a mouse carrying a pot of paint and a roller brush, with the words "I MISS BEING A TREE" written in capitals below. 

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