Bar owner denies assaulting shop keeper

A FELIXSTOWE bar owner knocked a local shopkeeper unconscious in a row about money, it has been alleged.

Jane Hunt

A FELIXSTOWE bar owner knocked a local shopkeeper unconscious in a row about money, it has been alleged.

Leslie Crossley went to the premises of JD Janitorial Services in Beach Station Road, Felixstowe, and allegedly punched David Dugard between ten and 12 times, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

During the attack Mr Dugard lost consciousness and suffered a black eye, bruising on his forehead and nose and a cut on his hand, the court heard.

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Crossley, 52, of Orwell Road, Felixstowe, denies assaulting Mr Dugard causing him actual bodily harm on November 2 last year.

Michael Crimp, prosecuting, alleged that Crossley had gone to Mr Dugard's shop and repeatedly punched him.

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He said that when Crossley was interviewed by police he claimed he had been hit by Mr Dugard first and he had pushed Mr Dugard away in self-defence.

Mr Dugard told the court that JD Janitorial Services had supplied Crossley with cleaning materials and he had a tab at Crossley's “Sands” bar.

He accepted that at the time of the alleged attack he owed money to Crossley but disputed the amount.

He claimed that on one afternoon 43 pints of beer had been put on his tab and on another occasion, 23 large vodkas.

Mr Dugard denied a suggestion by Crossley's barrister Lynne Shirley that he owed Crossley �1,200. “If I was a publican and I let someone run up a debt like that it would have been called in long before,” said Mr Dugard.

He admitted not answering Crossley's telephone calls but said he would have been happy to discuss the situation with him.

Mr Dugard denied telling Crossley that he didn't owe him anything and not to bother him again.

He also denied a suggestion by Miss Shirley that he had struck the first blow. “Do you think I'm mad? The size of him and the size of me - that would be suicide.”

When Miss Shirley suggested that Crossley had been acting in self-defence after being assaulted by Mr Dugard, Mr Dugard replied; “I don't take on blokes three times the size of me.”

He denied that any injuries he suffered were caused by a trellis and other items of stock in the shop falling on top of him and Crossley.

The trial continues today (Thurs).

Leslie Crossley, who ran “Sands” in Felixstowe claimed that David Dugard who traded as JD Janitoiral Supplies in Beach Station Road, Felixstowe had run up a bar tab of �1,200 at his premises.

However Mr Dugard claimed the amount he owed was nowhere near that much and said that according to the tab he had drunk 43 pints of beer in one afternoon and on another occasion had 23 large vodkas.

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