Battisford man who owns hundreds of parrots set to appeal against order calling for the birds to be removed

The owner of hundreds of parrots is set to appeal against an order calling for them to be removed(AP

The owner of hundreds of parrots is set to appeal against an order calling for them to be removed(AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit) - Credit: AP

A homeowner is set to appeal against a council ruling that hundreds of his squawking parrots should be removed.

Villagers in Battisford, near Stowmarket, claimed they were having sleepless nights because of the noise coming from the birds, which they believe number up to 500, at a Mid Suffolk District Council meeting in October.

The meeting was held to hear an application to keep the birds by owner Peter Hammond, of Straight Road, which was rejected by nine votes to one.

Now he looks set to appeal against that decision. He was unavailable to comment at his property yesterday but a member of the household said “we will be appealing” and dismissed the noise complaints.

Simon Bailey, senior enforcement officer at Mid Suffolk, said no action had been taken to remove the birds because Mr Hammond has until April to formally appeal.

“We have decided to allow the appeal period to expire and have to ask would it be expedient to take enforcement action for a first instance?” Mr Bailey said.

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“We will wait until the appeal period finishes and then see what his intentions are.”

Mr Hammond’s daughter, Angela Berry, told last year’s meeting that there was only around 200 parrots. She defended keeping the animals and said the complaints had “not been substantiated”.

The application was also to keep 10 gundogs at the home.

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